Sign Language People

Basic Information

Company Slogan: Working Hand-in-Hand with the Deaf Community
Director: Willow Ramsay
Address: P.O. Box 9566 , Santa Rosa , CA 95405
Services For:

California and all major cities in the US

Phone Number: 800/894-2345, 707/538-8900
Fax Number: 707/638-0300
Office Hours: M-F: 800am – 5:00pm PST, After hours: 24/7


Action Shots

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Additional Information

Area of Focus/Practice Interest:

ASL Interpreting


RID and NAD member interpreters

Professional Work Setting:

All settings including law offices and courts, mental health institutions, hospitals, prisons, schools, social service departments

Services Provided:

ASL On-site Interpreting, Captioning and Real Time Interpreting, Video Remote Interpreting, Consulting and In-Service Training, IEP Educational Consulting


SLP has been providing quality interpreting services for 20 years. Our clients include hospitals, school districts, mental institutions, federal and state agencies such as courts, prisons and social services as well as private companies. Our interpreters are assessed for their skills in ASL, the ethics and practices of interpretation and their knowledge of terms and concepts used in specialized fields. We have expert consultants in education for the deaf and advocates for the deaf.

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