Teaching English at The Hanoi Children Palace

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Address: Hanoi - Vietnam
Phone Number: +84-37152 709
Fax Number: +84-37152 708
Director: Hoang Hung

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Teaching English at The Hanoi Children Palace
Teaching English at The Hanoi Children Palace
Teaching English at The Hanoi Children Palace

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Mission Statement:

Help others

Make a difference

Find purpose

Enjoy a meaningful conversation

Connect with your community

Feel involved

Contribute to a cause that you care about

Use your skills in a productive way

Develop new skills

Meet new people

Explore new areas of interest

Meet good people

Impress your mom

Impress yourself

Expand your horizons

Get out of the house

Make new friends

Strengthen your resume

Feel better about yourself

Additional Information:

Teaching Hanoi Children Palace - FREE Accommodation & Meals
Project Summary
The Children Palace is a community project which is government sponsored and opens to all social classes. The aim of this project is to provide the children of the community a place where they can go and learn during the summer months. The project runs from 01June to 15 Aug. The students pay a minimal fee to attend the Summer Palace and attend either in the morning, afternoon and evening sessions. The activities offered at the project range from English, to sports, games, painting martial arts and dance.
Your main duties will be teaching English along side with local Vietnamese English teacher, the Vietnamese teacher will help to do the translation, new words and grammar... foreign volunteer will help the children with pronunciation, listening skills and conversation in English... those activities can do through the text book, sing English songs or through the games...
Working Hours
You will be working up to 4 or 6 hours a day, Monday to Friday (weekend are available if you want to do your travel in week day, you can change your teaching times in to the weekend ). You will need to be prepared to work to a flexible schedule at this project, depend on the text books provided by local teacher in advance.
Summer teaching are designed to help children to enjoy their summer holidays, so that the schedule, structure and time table are flexible and it is easy for the teacher and volunteer can free to change their way of teaching to suitable for their class they are working with...
* You also could reserve for the other periods of the year (not Summer) for everning and weekend classes
They have minimal recourses
Text books, English listening tapes, TV for teaching are provided
Special Points

As a role model to the children, you will need to dress presentably,  smart-casual clothing will be appropriate. Volunteer will be offered FREE Accommodation & Meals

.:: Contact Email: thanhxuanpeacevillage@gmail.com

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