Umbrella Education

Umbrella school is an alternative education school which serves to oversee the home schooling of children to fulfil government-mandated requirements regarding education.

Umbrella schools vary greatly in what they offer and cost. Some offer group classes, a defined curriculum, sports, field trips, standardized testing, and more. Others exist only to collect the minimal legal requirements, allowing parents to choose their curriculum and methods of teaching, as well as freedom from an annual evaluation or testing requirements. Additionally, some umbrella schools follow a specific faith, while others are secular.

The legal definition of umbrella school varies by state. In many states, schools are required to collect immunization and attendance records, in addition to other things required to submit for any publicly-run school. Many times umbrella schools operate under the same legal guidelines as an independent school. Some states have course and daily time requirements. In others, students are bound to the normal standard school year and records must be kept to prove that students fulfil the required amount of time.

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