Gap Year Programs

A gap year is when one stops their formal work life to pursue other interests, generally unrelated to their regular line of work taken between high school and college. During this gap year, students engage in advanced academic courses, extra-academic courses and non-academic courses, such as yearlong pre-college math courses, language studies, learning a trade, art studies, volunteer work, travel, internships, sports and more, all for the purpose of improving themselves in knowledge, maturity, decision-making, leadership, independence, self-sufficiency and more, thus improving their resumes before going to college. These gap years are also called pathways, prep-year and bridge-year.

Featuring: Community Service/Volunteering, Environmental/Outdroo Programs, Exploring/Traveling, Internship, Language Studies, Medical/Healthcare, Outdoor Adventure/Training, Study, TEFL Certificate, Teaching, Work Experience, Academics, Arts, Special Interests, Postgraduate Year, Cultural Studies.

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