3rd Grade

In the United States, third grade (called grade 3 in some regions) is a year of primary education. It is the third school year after kindergarten. Students are usually 8 - 9 years old.

    * In mathematics, students are usually introduced to multiplication and division facts, place value to thousands or ten thousands, and estimation. Depending on the school, students may even begin to work on long division. Decimals (to tenths only) are sometimes introduced. Students begin to work on problem-solving skills working to explain their thinking in mathematical terms.

    * In reading, third grade students begin working more on text comprehension than decoding strategies. Students also begin reading harder chapter books. They read and distinguish between a variety of genres: realistic fiction, non-fiction, poetry, fantasy, historical fiction, and folktales.

    * Grade 3 students learn how to work on projects on their own and with others. This may start as early as second and first grade as well. Social skills, empathy and leadership are considered by many educators[citation needed] to be as important to develop as the hard skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.

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