Famous people with Deafblindness

Victorine Morriseau (1789-1832) First deafblind person to be educated in Paris

James Mitchell (1795-1869) congenitally deafblind son of Scottish minister

Hieronymus Lorm (19th century) - inventor and novelist

Sanzan Tani (1802-1867) - Japanese teacher who became deaf in childhood and blind later in life, communicating with students by touch.

Laura Bridgman (1829-1889) - first deafblind child to be successfully educated in the US

Mary Bradley (time and place of birth not known, died in 1866)

Julia Brace (1807-1884)

Eliza Cooter (1841-1860)

Robert Dewar (1860-1877)

Ragnhild Kåta (1873 – 1947) - Norway

Yvonne Pitrois (1880-1937) - French biographer

Helen Keller (1880-1968) - author, activist and lecturer

Alice Betteridge (1901-1966) - first deafblind Australian to be educated. Teacher, traveler, writer.

Jack Clemo (1916-1994) - British poet who became deafblind as an adult

Robert Smithdas (1925- ) - the first DeafBlind person in the US to receive a master's degree.

Georgia Griffith (circa 1930- )

John J. Boyer (1936- )

Richard Kinney (?-?) — Educator, lecturer and poet; president of the Hadley School for the Blind from 1975 to 1979.

Danny Delcambre (1959- )

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