My First Entry

I've never done any kinds of blogs or writing prior to this, and have done very little talking about my condition outside of a doctors office. I'm not really sure what to talk about or who will even read this. If anyone will ever read this? I guess a good place to start is why I have decided to put my experiences out there.

Victoria's journey into school.....

After the devastating news and the total lack of support from family members I dont care to mention we started thinking about putting Victoria in pre-school. One word describes this journey DRAMA. The school was  a pre-school with a Autism special needs class. the class was adorable all the typical little boys and girls learning playing and just being typical. i was devastated Victoria was the beauty girl but her behavior had everyone on the edge of their seats.

The Queen gets diagnosed....

Victoria's doctor wanted us to take her to Jefferson County Child Find, a program designed to evaluate Victoria's behavior cognitive ability, fine motor skills. They told us she had Sensory Intergration. I went to a confrence held by  Author Carol Kranowitz she wrote the book "The out-of-sync-child" I left that confrence thinking Victoria had many of the attributes asscoiated with Sensory Intergration. Our next appointment would be with The Children's Hospital Child development Unit. The process was very long they played with Victoria asked us a million questions.

How Storytelling will Save the World.

Once I was walking along a road and I had a long way to go. Billboards, advertising various fast food restaurants, new car dealerships and a brand of shampoo of which I had never heard, lined both sides of the road. I was thirsty and had no umbrella. The clouds began to gather and soon enough a light drizzle fell out of the sky. My shoes begun to make soft squishing noises as I walked. While I was walking, three riding carts came by.

Searching for a diagnosis for the Queen...

Victoria Rose first went to Jefferson County Child Find, a service for children  that arent meeting milestones and or might have special needs. A team tested  Victoria and basically told us she had sensory intergration. I went to a Confrence in Colo held by Carol Kranowitz author of  several books including The Out-of Sync-Child a book on Sensory Intergration. I was convinced she had this issue. I could identify with some of the behavior of the girl in the video. I was devastated. Next we took her to The Children's Hospital Colo.

A day in My Life

I have been living with my son's Asperger's for 12 years now- 5 years of which, we've had an actual title for it. We have our good days and our bad and everyday we wake up not knowing which one it will be.

The Queen Victoria

Victoria was such a little beauty, blond hair blue eyes very dainty I started dressing her in pink that would be HER color. Victoria started making these chirp like sounds we thought pre language babble she sounded like a tiny bird earning her the name Chick and birdie. Victoria didnt require much from me, she wanted to eat and sleep and was very content laying around.

Victoria is a silent angel a gift....

  My name is Vickie ,

I am blogging about our family and Rett Syndrome in hopes it  may benefit other famlies faced with this very difficult challange.Each beautiful girl diagnosed with this devastating disorder has a story this is ours.....

Asperger Syndrome

It's hard to know what life with an autistic child is until you experience it for yourself. I have a 10 year old son who has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome for 3 years now. For the first three years of his life, I simply thought he had an attitude problem and there was nothing that could be done. Mostly the reason I felt this way is because that is what all the doctors told me. They said that it was simply a discipline problem and that I needed to have a stronger hand with him. The problem was, I tried and tried and he simply got worse.

Diagnosed with Dyslexia

Although I have suffered with dyslexia since childhood, it was only when I returned to university as an adult that I discovered I was dyslexic. However, no lecturer or teacher has ever advised me to sit the dyslexia test. I did so myself after years of frustration. Although I was almost certain that I was dyslexic, I was nervous about the test. I kept thinking: "what if I'm not dyslexic and just academically challenged."

However, when I arrived to sit the test everyone was so nice. The examiner relaxed and assured me that I was doing the right thing.

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