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Chemistry – Real World Applications

Chemistry - Real World Applications

Chemistry is the study of matter and matter is everything around us that has mass and takes up space. (That's everything except energy.)

Bill of Rights

Title of Lesson: Bill of Rights
Audience: Small group of 7th grade ENL students

Common Core Standards: 7.5 THE CONSTITUTION IN PRACTICE: The United States Constitution serves as the foundation of the United States government and outlines the rights of citizens. The Constitution is considered a living document that can respond to political and social changes. The New York State Constitution also has been changed over time.

Are you ready for the Real World?

Are you prepared?

Part 1. Briefly explain how prepared you feel you are for the real world. Make sure you are specific in your explanation. Give examples of skills that you learned in school that you think you may use in your future.

Four Corner/ Six Goal Soccer

Lesson Plan

StandardsSchool and Teacher Names: Van Cortlandtville Elementary School
Patrick Connolly & Chrissy ColseyDate:04/16/16Grade: 5th
# in class: 26

Domains:Terminal Objectives:Assessment Tool:Length of class: 40 mins
Psychomotor1A/11. During the lesson students will properly demonstrate the skill of shooting a soccer ball using two out the three cues. Teacher Assessment
Unit: Soccer

Capture the Flag

For this lesson, I have decided to incorporate technology into an already fun and exciting game. Students have been playing capture the flag for years, and there are many different versions of this game. Teachers can add countless variations that make the game more or less challenging, depending on the grade level. One of the overall themes of this activity is collaboration and strategy. Students need to work together in order to devise a common plan that will allow them to be successful. Usually when students work as individuals in this game, they end up on the losing side.


1) Title of Lesson and Audience: The Cuneiform Writing System - (30 person sixth grade class) 2) Common Core Standard that is addressed: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RH.6-8.7 Integrate visual information (e.g., in charts, graphs, photographs, videos, or maps) with other information in print and digital texts. 3) A description of the lesson including group size and strategies used: I have to start off by saying that I found this amazing lesson called The Cuneiform Writing System.

Share the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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Lesson Plan

Share the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

By Ellen Vento


Students will understand the importance of an extraordinary gift. They will also become aware that there are many ways in which to give and receive gifts.

The Raging Sea

The Raging Sea

Title: The Raging Sea

Estimated Time: 45 Minutes

Scripture Text: The Calming of the Storm at Sea from Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25

Memory Verses:

Dragon Comprehends Keys Ideas & Details (Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan)

Objective of Reading Comprehension lesson plan: Help teachers achieve reading literature common core standards on key ideas and details by practicing reading comprehension skills.

Reading Comprehension lesson plan materials required:

The Nature Book

The Nature Book

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