Four Corner/ Six Goal Soccer

Author: Patrick Connolly
Lesson Plan: Lesson Plan

StandardsSchool and Teacher Names: Van Cortlandtville Elementary School
Patrick Connolly & Chrissy ColseyDate:04/16/16Grade: 5th
# in class: 26

Domains:Terminal Objectives:Assessment Tool:Length of class: 40 mins
Psychomotor1A/11. During the lesson students will properly demonstrate the skill of shooting a soccer ball using two out the three cues. Teacher Assessment
Unit: Soccer
Affective2/62. Throughout the lesson and activity, students will show respect for one another, the teacher, and the equipment by using appropriate language and following directions. Teacher Assessment/ Peer AssessmentEquipment: Colored cones, rag balls, music cd, cd player, floor tape
Cognitive1A/13. At the end of the lesson, when questioned by the teacher, students will be able to state the difference between shooting a soccer ball and passing a soccer ball. They will state the part of the shoe that is used when shooting and when passing.Teacher Assessment
Safety Statement 4. Throughout the stretches, warm-up, and four corner soccer activity, students will be aware of their surroundings, including both their classmates and the balls being used. The students not involved in the four corner soccer activity will patiently and safely wait until it is their turn to participate in the game. During the four corner soccer activity students will keep their hands to themselves, while behaving appropriately in a safe manner. References:
Mr. Murphy
SUNY Cortland P.E.

ContentTimeOrganization &
TransitionsTeaching Progressions/CuesAssessments, Modifications, Extensions, Teacher Reminders


Passing Activity Explanation

Passing Activity

Lesson Focus
Four Corner Soccer Activity Explanation

Four Corner Soccer Activity

Questions/ Check for understand-ing

Exit3-4 mins.

3-4 mins.

2-3 mins.

4-5 mins.

3-4 mins.

14-15 mins.

3-4 mins.

1 min.Students walk into the gymnasium and move to their designated floor spots. Once the students are all seated and quiet the teacher will give further instructions.

Once the students appear ready to begin the lesson the teacher has the students stand up on their designated attendance spots. When all students are standing the teacher will start the class stretch.

Students will remain on their attendance spots and listen to the teacher for the demonstration and explanation of the soccer passing activity.

Students will move to either the near line or the far line depending on whether they were holding up a one or a two with their finger/fingers. Students will remain on their given line performing the passing activity and various exercises.

Students will be seated at their lines from the previous passing activity. The teacher will explain the Four Corner Soccer Activity using several students to demonstrate the movements and rotations used during the game.

Students are in their designated positions for the game. The teacher is standing next to the music player and the scoring boards.

Students are to walk back to their attendance spots. The teacher will be standing in front of the bleachers asking questions and checking for understanding.

When called by their attendance spot line number the students will walk to the entrance to the gymnasium and line up.The teacher stands in front of the students, who are seated on their designated floor spots. The students are seated quietly chris-cross applesauce, safe, acting appropriately, which includes not touching any equipment, or bothering other students whether physically or verbally). Once the teacher can see that the students are ready to begin the lesson the teacher will give the students directions. The teacher will begin the lesson welcoming the student by stating, "good morning boys and girls." The teacher will then take attendance checking to see what students are absent and whether they deserve their first "sneaker" on the sneaker board for being prepared (having appropriate footwear/sneakers) as a class. The teacher will then ask the essential question: How can you include physical activity in your life?

Students stand up on their attendance spots and follow the coach, performing the various types of stretches. The teacher begins the stretching exercises, which include: twenty skiers, big arm circles forward and back, small arm circles forward and back, lean to right, lean to left (spiderman stretch), butterfly stretch, one leg out with other leg over the top and pulled into body (both right and left). Teacher finishes with twenty mountain climbers and five push-ups. Exercises will be modified if students need to be challenged or needs to perform exercise in easier manner.
The teacher will then explain to the students that they will be practicing sit-ups for the presidential physical fitness test. The teacher will hold one students feet and will have the student appropriately demonstrate a sit-up, with their hands either across their chest or arms out straight. The students will be reminded not to use their hands or use their legs to come up towards their thighs. The teacher will emphasize the idea of perfect practice makes perfect, NOT practice makes perfect, therefore stressing the importance of performing the sit-up correctly when practicing. Students will be allowed to select their partners when practicing the sit-up. Both partners will be given one minute to perform as many sit-ups as possible. Once both partners have attempted the sit-ups they will sit down next to one another and look to the teacher for further instructions.

The teacher will explain to the students that one partner will hold up a one and one partner will hold up a two with their fingers. When told to move the students with the number two up will get a soccer ball from the bleachers and will head over to the near sideline, while the partner with the number one up will line up on the far sideline directly across from their partner. The teacher will have one student stand up and get a soccer ball and stand on the near sideline, while the teacher will stand on the far sideline. The teacher will explain that when the music starts the partners will pass the ball back and forth. Students will be reminded to use the inside of their foot when passing the ball and to either use the bottom of their foot or the side of their foot to trap (stop) the ball. Trapping the ball is important to gain control over the ball. Students should trap the ball before passing the ball back to their partner. Passes should be performed at a safe, appropriate speed. When the music stops the student that has the ball will perform twenty ball touches and the student that does not have the ball will perform five squat thrusts. The teacher will pause the music if students are performing the activity incorrectly or any issues need to be addressed.

Once the students are at their given line, the near side with the soccer ball and the far side without, the teacher will start the music. When the music starts the passing activity will begin. The teacher will stop the music to discuss positive aspects or address negative aspects. Students will be reminded to keep control over the ball, including accurate passes and trapping the ball prior to passing.

The teacher begins by stating that each team will have approximately six students. Each team will be broken up by their designated colored cone, whether red, yellow, blue, green. Two students will be standing by the team colored cone, as the offensive players, or the players trying to score/ defend for their team. When the music begins those students would run towards the balls in the middle and would attempt to score in the various goals. Two players will be in goal between their colored cones. For example the blue team would have two goalies between the two blue cones, attempting to stop balls from going past the blue cones. The last two players would be seated on the bench waiting for their turn to participate. The student's move to those positions base on the order they are told which team they are on. The first two players that are told their team color are the offensive players (players touching the cone) or the players on the court, the next two students told their color are to move to the goalie position on the goal line, and the next students told their team color are to sit on their designated team bench.
The rotation would work as follows: the two offensive player, or players on the court would move to the bench, the two players on the bench would move to the goal line to become the two goalies, and the two goalies would move to the colored cones as the offensive players. When the music stops the students will place the balls in the starting positions and move to their next position based on their rotation.
When the students score a goal they are to immediately run over to the teacher and state the color of their team. The teacher will then flip over a point for the student's team. For example if a player on the blue team scored then the player would come over to the coach and simply say "blue." The student comes over to the teacher after each goal is scored. Once the music begins the game starts and when the music is stopped the players are to rotate. No goals can be counted once the music has stopped.

The students will take part in the four corner soccer activity. The students will play for approximately two minutes in each position (based on the amount of time left in the class). The students are to remain on their designated team bench if they are not participating in the game. Students are to sit in the correct position on the bench based on there they just came from in the game. The teacher will discuss any necessary concepts or rules for the game based on what they are viewing.

The teacher will be in front of the class asking questions and discussing any positive concepts or areas that need improvement. These question may include but not be limited to:
Question: Raise your hand if you know this answer. This is a fill in the blank question. When taking part in the four corner soccer activity, if a player can not find a ball they should come back to their__________.

Answer: When taking part in the four corner soccer activity, if a player can not find a ball they should come back to their goalie/ goal.

Question: This is a two part question. During the four corner soccer activity a student should pass the ball with a certain part of their shoe and shoot with a different part of their shoe. What part of the shoe should a student pass with and what part of the shoe should a student shoot with?
Answer: When taking part in the four corner soccer activity a student should pass with the inside of their foot and shoe with the laces of their shoes.

Question: When taking part in the four corner soccer activity can a player come over to the teacher and state that they scored three goals for their team? Raise your hand.

Answer: A player can come over to the teacher and say that that they scored three goals for their team yet only one goal will be counted. After each goal is scored a students is to come to the teacher and say their team color.

The teacher will conclude by going back to the essential question and ask the students how they can include physical activity in their lives. The teacher will go over various ways the student can be active in their lives. Last the teacher will see if the students earned their second sneaker on the sneaker board for good behavior and for following directions throughout the lesson.-Make sure the students are prepared (have their sneakers), and check to see if there are any students that are absent or belong out for the class due to medical reasons.

-Be sure to use a loud, clear voice.
-All of the stretches or warm-up activities are demonstrated and explained.
-Exercises are performed by the students in their designated spots facing the teacher.
-Remember to correct students if they are performing stretches or exercises incorrectly or too quickly.
-Remind students that both the student performing the sit-up and the student holding the feet should keep count.

-Make sure all students are focusing throughout the instructions.
-Be sure to stop if students are having their own conversations.
-Remind the students that when the music stops all balls should stop. In other words no more passes should be made once the music is paused.
-Ask the students if there are any questions at the end of the instructions to make sure everything is crystal clear.

-Pause the music if students appear confused or issues need to be addressed.
-Remind student to keep passes at a safe speed.

-Use student to physically demonstrate the rotation used during the game.
-Be in a position that all students can see and hear when asking or answering the questions.
-Remind students the cues of the skills performed during the soccer game. Such as using their laces when shooting and keeping their body over the ball to keep their shots down, or passing the ball with the inside of their foot to have the best control over the ball.
-Remind goalies to use their hands and to distribute the ball to their teammates.
-Encourage students to work together with their teammates.

-Remind students that they should come over to the teacher once a goal is scored and that only one player should come to the teacher, thus still having one player on the court.

-Remind students to stay seated on their bench and patiently wait for their turn to participate in the game.

-The teacher asks the students if there are any questions prior to starting the activity.

-Repeat answers by students making sure that each and every child could clearly hear the answer.

-State to the students why the sneaker was or was not earned.


Were the objectives developmentally appropriate? When and how were they assessed in the lesson?

Were the tasks instructionally appropriate for this age group? How might they have been changed for the better?

Which teaching skills do I need to work on? Which were satisfactory?

Which children need special help or challenge? What could I have done differently for them?

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