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Basic Information

Company Slogan: Embrace that A+ce!
Director: Jennifer Whitaker, CEO
Address: 22330 Elsinore Dr. Katy, TX 77450
Services For:

government organizations, public schools, private schools, nonprofit organizations, homeschooling, parents, colleges, homeschooling community, standardized exams,

Phone Number: 346-800-1912
Office Hours: 10am-7pm

Historically Underutilized Businesses with State of Texas
Minority, and Disability Owned

Who's Who Among American High School Students (twice)
-Leadership, and Academics being in top 3% of High School Student in the Nation

National Society of High School Scholars
-Community involvement and leadership being in the Top 3% of Nation

Who's Who Among Executives, and Professionals (2011)
-Top 3% of Executives and Professionals in Nation
-Youngest Successful Entrepreneur of the time
-Profited in all stages of business, including first month open

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Additional Information

Membership in Organizations:

Who's Who
National Scholars

Client Age Group: all ages

Owner has MS in Accounting and BS in Accounting
-tutors can be provided with college degrees, experience, or both based
on type of service, skills needed, and price organization accepts

Professional Work Setting:

We primarily tutor online in a group setting where all students can interact with each other, see the chalk board, the teacher, and ask questions as they woudl in a normal classroom.

We meet in public places for private tutoring, or on campus for educational organizations. The online classrooms are available for educational organizations, with individuals able to join at any time.

Services Provided:

We provide tutoring services in all academics, and areas that can affect the academics. This includes ESL, study skills, organization, test prep, note taking, and special needs. We have had many students succeed on Standardized Exams including: SAT, ASVAB, GED, ACT, TSI, GMAT, GRE, and more. We help people who have been out of school for various reasons to prepare. We will help your students with almost any standardized exam, or academic subject. Our most popular subjects are Math, and Science, but we have equal success in helping with English, Writing/Reading, and social studies/history. We are most known for tutoring special needs as the owner herself was special needs growing up. With it, she designed Ace My Course specifically for others with the extra challenge.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

For many, it will take more work to reach the goal, but everyone can succeed. Nothing will stop you from
achieving, unless you let it.


Please feel free to research:
Jennifer Whitaker Ace My Course tutoring
to learn more about our services.

Our sister company Get Sell Profit, is also owned by Ms. Whitaker.
GSP provides resources for businesses ranging from new inventory, apps to help manage
staff, apps to simplify work, development/design of customized apps/softwares/websites, marketing services (all types), consulting, accounting and anything else a business or organization would need
to succeed.

Feel free to contact us for any need. We work as one to help you in as many ways as we can.

346-800-1912 Cell

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